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The first challenge-Bo Go Ship Da (I Miss You)

Posted by Isaac on May 16, 2009

I’ve started with a relatively easy, yet really touching song sang by Kim Bun Soo. This song is the theme song of the popular Korean drama, Stairway to Heaven. It is an awesome drama about the endless love of a man toward a woman despite of her disability and illness, even even after she passed away. The beautiful melody is so pleasant to listen to that I want to play it on guitar. Here I should specially thank boundaryless from Youtube, he arranged, wrote down and shared the music sheet with me.

I’ve been practising this song on Week 4, and this takes me about 3 days to master the songs. The hardest part would be the chorus of the song, which I will have to play at the higher position, especially those barre chords at high fret, which I will need to press down 6 strings at once with 1 finger like this:barringphoto

In order to overcome the problem, I’ve searched for some basic barre chord lessons on Youtube (such a great tool for self learner). Although I already know how to do a barre chord, I still gain benefits from the lessons as I can learn to do it better. I found that my mistake was not positioning my elbow perpendicular to the finger that was doing barre chord,  and this leads unclear ringing of the guitar as the strings weren’t pressed properly with enough force (Before that I thought that was because I have small hand or just didn’t have enough strength).

Another problem I’ve came to is the poor transition between two chords which are too far apart. The result of poor transition is that the song’s smoothness is greatly affected, which means it won’t sound good and won’t be able to impress the audience. To solve the problem, I’ve added some notes, open strings and sliding notes so the transition wil be smoother, and it does works! No more disfluencies in the song, yay!

As picture (video actually ^^”) is worth a thousand words, I will post a video to show the improvements and the results. However it is pretty late now so I guess I can only do it by the next day.


One Response to “The first challenge-Bo Go Ship Da (I Miss You)”

  1. Vince said


    Could you please email me the tabs for this song?


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