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Cavatina-Simple Melody, Hard Playing

Posted by Isaac on May 31, 2009

This week I’ve been working on Cavatina and Ebon Coast. At the first glance I thought that Cavatina will be easy for me. However, after some time of practising, I’ve found that it is much harder than I thought! It is a simple melody that is hard to play indeed.

Sitting PositionCavatina is a melancholic music composed by Stanley Myers, and be played with guitar by John Williams. The song is the theme song of the movie, Deer Hunter ( a 1978 war drama film). Cavatina reminds the quiet and languid life in Clairton,  a third-class city in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

There are many fingerings that need me to stretch my finger so much and many unusual chord I haven’t seen before. It is difficult to me as I have small hands. I also can’t play the tunes smoothly as I still not familiar with the later part of the songs. The frequent transitions between barre chords make it hard to sustain the melody.

To overcome the problems, I tried to make myself familiar with the weird-shaped chords to avoid pressing the wrong notes and ensure that the transitions between those chords are smooth. I also sit according to the classical guitar’s standard position (as shown in the left pictures) as I found that some of the fingerings will be more comfortable in such position. As for the difficulty of stretching my hand, I guess I can only try my best to reach the notes by practising more.


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