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Ebon Coast

Posted by Isaac on June 10, 2009

This week is a busy week; Metrology presentation on Monday, Communication Skills presentation on Tuesday, E. Maths test on Wednesday, Programming Lab Test on Thurday. I’ve survived the first three days, and finally able to squeeze 30 minutes to update my blog.

As mentioned in the post before, besides Cavatina, I’ve been working on the song, Ebon Coast by Andy McKee. Andy McKee’s pieces is REALLY hard to learn as there are many techniques in his songs, which most of them are very complicated, and there isn’t an exception for Ebon Coast. Moreover, the only resources for me to learn are a tutorial video and an inaccurate music sheet. Struggled a lot to learn this beautiful piece though..

To learn this song, I practised only 2 bars and maximum 4 bars a day, as it was a pain by just referring to the video for the fingerings. Although the author of the tutorial video played the song slowly, it was hard for me to get my playing right by just simply refer to the video without explanation by the author.

The hardest part would be the bridge part (02:02 to 02:27) and the ending part (04:28 until end). First, the bridge part requires frequent movement of right hands to make the percussive sounds and press the bass note throughout the whole part, whereas my left hand’s fingers ring the note without plucking using the right hand. It takes me some time to synchronize my left and right hands. It feels like playing a piano, but on a guitar.

Second, the ending part. It was quite troublesome to me as the beat of the ending bars is inconsistent. It was hard as I can’t count the beats accurately (its keep changing duh..or its me counting wrong?). Therefore, I can only try my best to imitate the original video as well as the tutorial video. At last, I can play the thing quite similar to both of the video, but there are still some details I need to take care of.

After learning this song, I can feel that I have improved significantly. I acquired many techniques (Andy’s technique is weird yet awesome XD) and learn to synchronize both of my hands better.

For the video recording, I guess I will do it on holiday, as I need some more time to polish up the song XD. 2 more days to go…


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